Critical time for Rudi Garcia as crisis in Roma continuing

The career of Rudi Garcia is hitting a critical time as the crisis happening in Roma is still continuing. Roma has been seated on the fourth position in Serie A with only 3 points behind the Inter Milan. However, if Inter Milan could win against the Napoli on Monday, Roma will be left behind even further.

Frustration shown by the club icon Francesco Totti and the captain of the team Danielle De Rossi could be clearly seen. They looked helplessly very sad with the current situation occurred on their team performance.

Despite of the intense scrutiny that is currently happening on Garcia’s performance, De Rossi is still giving his support for Garcia and saying it would be “vile” to remove Garcia as the Roma’s coach. He believes that Garcia is still the right man to coach Roma.

Lots of work need to be done by Garcia. He has been on the firing target since the 6-1 defeat to Barcelona during the Champions League in the midweek. Things worsened after another 2-0 defeat to Atalanta.

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