el Clasico: Barcelona defeats Real Madrid 4:0

The result of el Clasico, as has been widely known by people around the world, Barcelona defeats Real Madrid 4:0. This result brings Barcelona as the winner of the largest soccer league game. Barcelona has won for four times in the last five matches against Real Madrid.

The goals were made by Luis Suarez for two times, and then subsequently made by Neymar and Andres Iniesta. Lionel Messi started to play only after Barcelona made the third goal in the 56th minutes as he was still unfit yet to join from the start, as he was just recovering from knee injury. But, who needs Messi this time?

Real Madrid started the game quite aggressively. However, Barcelona very soon controlled the situation and eventually found the weak hole in Real Madrid’s defensive formation.

As the match was held in Real Madrid’s base, the home fans were disappointed, those who remained to watch whistled in disgust. They waved white clothes to their team and especially to Rafael Benitez, the boss of Real Madrid.

Benitez accepted the blame for this embarrassing defeat at the hands of their archrival. He admitted that he has chosen the wrong line-up in his team. In a conference, Benitez said: “We have made some mistakes, and we have paid for it”

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