el Clasico, Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona

There will be approximately 400 million people will pay their attention on el Clasico, the match between two biggest soccer clubs in the world: Real Madrid against FC Barcelona. The match will be held on Saturday from noon ET or 17:00 GMT.

Real Madrid is widely recognized as the archrival of FC Barcelona. This match will be one of the biggest sport events on our planet, the most anticipated soccer match of year.

There are several top soccer players who will be involved on this particular match. From the Real Madrid side, there are Gareth Bale, Christiano Ronaldo and James Rodriquez. While from the Barcelona side, there are Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar.

The rivalry between the two legendary clubs has been never-ending. Barcelona is keen to respond to their 1-2 defeat in Santiago Bernabeu on the previos season. While Real Madrid really wants to embarrass its rival for going home in victory on the entire three prestigious leagues: La Liga, Copa del Rey and Europa League.

Here is a brief statistical data of both clubs:

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