Guinness Book of Records for Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski has demostrated an amazing skill during Bundesliga match this time. He made stunning five-goal haul. Guinness Book of Record has awarded him for his lifetime historic achievement.

Lewandowski just needed less than 9 minutes to make the five goals when Bayern Munich defeating Wolfsburg by 5-1 in Munich on September 22nd, 2015. Those five goals were more than enough and too significant for Bayern Munich and the rest of the players can happily continue playing without Lewandowski after that.

Lewandowski is planning to donate the boots he used during that big night for charity.

Born in August 21st 1988 in Poland, started his career at Varsovia, Lewandowski is currently playing as striker for Bayern Munich and the captain of Poland national team.

In Poland national team, Lewandowski has earned 70 caps and 34 goals. He is currently ranked fifth as top scorers of all time.

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