Real Madrid’s president still confident with Benitez

Post the big embarrassment in el Classico earlier this week, coach Rafael Benitez has been widely under fire by the public and surely the fans of Real Madrid. However, the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez is still giving his vote and strongly confident by granting full trust to Benitez.

Prior joining Real Madrid, Benitez subsequently was the manager for Liverpool and Chelsea. He was replacing Carlo Ancelotti several months ago as coach in Real Madrid. A bunch of critics has been coming frequently since that, many people doubt if he can create the same aura that Ancelotti has established in Real Madrid for quite some time.

Real Madrid’s fans expected for Perez’s resignation after the el Classico’s 4-0 defeat by Barcelona. The angry public have been suggesting that the French legend Zidedine Zidane will be able to help Real Madrid perform better again. However, Zidane has politely refused the public’s suggestion.

In the mean time, Real Madrid is in the third position in La Liga, with 24 points in hand. With the current standing, Read Madrid is 6 points behind Barcelona, and 2 points behind Atletico Madrid.

Florentino is a Spanish businessman, he is most famous for delivering Real Madrid to the era of extremely high transfer fees for its players.

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