Terrorist attacks start to affect Europa League

The terrorist attacks in Paris during the last weekend have started to affect the Europa League fixture. Fans of the Belgian club, Anderlecht have been prohibited to join their team to Monaco. This is one of the counter measures that the police in the principality have to take to avoid unforeseen circumstance.

Official report told that 4 people have died during the attack at the French’s National Stadium, Stade de France. Among those four people, three of them are the suicide bombers whom tried to enter the soccer field by the time France’s team were playing with Germany’s team.

There are a total of at least 150 people have died during the attacks across Paris, and the police has recognized Salah Abdeslam as the mastermind of the attacks. Abdelslam was born in Brussels, Belgium. Therefore, Belgium is now on the big picture of the investigation processes too.

The UEFA and Anderlecht have been notified about this hard and sad decision. They are fully aware that the police forces’ mobilization needs to be prioritized in order to maintain the vigilance level.

Beside the above match, the authorities had to cancel Spain’s friendly against Belgium too early this week.

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