Zwanziger’s Actions are Unacceptable for UEFA

Theo Zwanziger has been widely known as a German lawyer and sports official; became the president of the German Football Association (DFB) from 2006 to 2012. His career in DFB began in 2001 when he was made treasurer of the DFB and elected vice president in 2003. And he became the sole president of the association in 2006 as Mayer-Vorfelder left the DFB to become UEFA vice president. The German man was one of European football’s governing body EUFA on the FIFA executive committee. And recently, bad things happened, and UEFA has distanced itself from Theo Zwanziger.

Zwanziger made an ethics violations complaint to FIFA’s ethics committee against the man who will replace him in May. He is questioning whether Niersbach’s pay and pension broke any rules in terms of potential conflict of interest. The former DFB president sharply criticized for a controversial pension of his successor, Wolfgang Niersbach. Niersbach is collecting pension from DFB, which is said to be six digit, and it triggered Zwanziger to criticize this as inappropriate for an association. The secretary general of UEFA, Gianni Infantino, rejects fully the actions of Zwanziger. He claimed that it is not understandable and there is no ground to do so. The actions were “just to throw a negative image and challenge the financial procedures on the German FA,” he added.

The complaint led to the investigation of pay and pension arrangement of Wolfsgang Niersbach, DBF president; and cleared of any wrongdoing 10 days ago. Niersbach is unopposed for election to the seat by the members of UEFA federations. Zwanziger was Nierbasch’s predecessor as DFB president after he stepped down from that role in 2012. He has been on the executive committee of world soccer’s governing body FIFA since 2011 and its four-year term ends in May.

The actions of Zwanziger had turned into a dispute between the German man with Gianni Infantino. He stated that according to the UEFA statutes, Zwanzinger represents the European associations, but he never came around in any of the meetings, executive committees, committees, or Congress for the last two years. And Zwanziger’s unreasonable action of complaint was just an embarrassing thing for him and sad for German football. He believed that the 69-year-old had tried to damage the image of the DFB. Currently, the dispute of those two big names in European football is still going on.

The UEFA secretary general also said that trying to make trouble just pulled down Zwanziger himself in even worse condition.

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